Sustainability is a core value of Terra Landscape and Design and its employees. Our sustainable practices not only help to make your property less of a burden on the environment, they also make your property more beautiful. Both the management team and team of field workers of Terra Landscape and Design consider sustainability one of the most important qualities to practice everyday. Some of our habits regular practices include: 

  • Local-vendor commitment:
  • "Right plant, right place"
    • Carefully select the plant that will thrive in its macro and microclimate.
    • Native plants and materials
      • Native plants are adapted to our climate and, in general, require less additional resources to survive once planted.
      • Organic mulches and other materials, developed locally with ingredients native to our area.
  • Mulch material
    • Mulch, whether organic or inorganic, helps reduce weeds, retain soil moisture, keep soil temperature low during hot weather and also aesthetically looks beautiful. We love mulch!
  • Permeable pavers
    • Terra Landscape and Design has been professionally installing permeable pavers since the 1980s. 
    • Permeable pavers help reduce water runoff from your property which help reduce water drainage/erosion issues in our local community.

Photos of sustainable practices employed by Terra Landscape and Design: City of Falls Church Berman Park Rain Garden and boardwalk installation, planting native species, use of mulch,  permeable pavers and dry creek beds.